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15,000 USD were collected for Kids in Tohoku

We received so many good news in the previous 9 months from Companies, Individuals and School classes, who all wanted to contribute a little bit and organized events or activities like flea markets, parties, etc. It was nice to see this caring attitude for Japan from more than 15 different countries.

Of course we also have to consider all the donated material or service donations like free transportation or the 1000 school cones from Herlitz and Kindercone. We believe that more than 30,000 USD were donated for the children in Tohoku and we are very grateful for this.

Thank You very much.

More than 1000 Postcards and drawings were sent to us!

It was very important to us, that the children do not only see the gift bags or the money, but the human and emotions behind it. Hence we asked schools to contribute with paintings or artwork, which are created by their pupils. We received more than 1000 drawings or postcards from more than 15 countries including USA, germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Singapore, China, Australia, Vietnam, Italy, etc.

The German School in Tokyo helped

It is definitely a challenge if you have to pack 1000 school cones with nice fillings like International sweets, school supplies, heating packs, and toys. How to do this effectively and efficiently? The German EMbassy helped us to get in contact with the German School in Tokyo, and then everything moved quite quickly. A special thanks to Mr Stigler and Mr Gauss, who were a tremendous helped in the coordination at the school.

Together with our partners KnK (Children without Borders) und DHL als Partner we were able to coordinate a special day at the German School on the 2nd of December. 40 Children from the 3rd and 4th grade helped us to fill & pack 951 school cones within 2 hours. They also designed photo walls and photo books.

It was an exciting morning and we thank all involved people for their support and help.

951 School Cones arrive in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefectur

5. Dezember was the day of the delivery to Kamaishi, which is a city 550 km North of Tokyo. The first snow was falling and introducing the cold winter to the town. When we entered the school we could see already their excited and anxious faces.

We started with a 15 minute magic and clown show (which was organized by our Partner “Let`s Party Tokyo”) and then we explained them the tradition of school cones - a big thank you to Professor Uwe Richter (Morioka University), who helped us on this day. Suddenly the kids had very big eyes and you could see the joy on their faces.

We delivered the school cones to 9 elementary schools in Kamaishi on that day and it was quite exhausting. But at the end of the day, we were very happy and fell asleep with a smile on our faces as well.

Thanks to all of you, who made the success of this project possible.


Schultüten, School Cone, Cornets d’Ecoliers, Cucuruchos Escolares,  スクールコーン,  学校锥

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