On March 11th 2011, Japan was hit by three different catastrophes:  Earthquake of the magnitude of 9.0, tsunami of unimaginable high waves, and now the consequences of the damage to the nuclear power plant.

Kids, in particular are suffering psychologically from these events as they lost their homes, friends and in some cases their loved ones. They have to live in emergency shelters with no privacy and more than 1000 aftershocks are also causing additional problems.

Because of these reasons, the founders of this homepage and project are planning to prepare something for these kids who are the future of Japan.

We would like to contribute and create moments of hope and fun, and at the same time do something for their education.

School Cones for Japan

In beginning of December we are planning to distribute school cones to students from the first and second grade in elementary schools in the northern part of Japan. Of course we will speak with their teachers first what is needed and will be useful for them. In addition, we would like to spend some time with them and show them pictures/ paintings, postcards from all over the world to show them the solidarity of the world. We hope and believe that these activities will help to put a smile on their little faces.

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